Illinois Cares Rx Still Stands

Despite Governor Quinn’s proposal to eliminate Illinois Cares Rx, the Illinois General Assembly passed a budget that includes funding for the program. Although the funding was cut approximately in half, Illinois Cares Rx is still standing. Because of the reduced funding the following changes will be made to the program:

  1. Beginning September 1, 2011 enrollees must have an income equal to or less than 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.  This will result in approximately 30,000 people being removed from the program.
  2. The co-payments will be changed.  These co-payments were not set in the budget and a rule making process may change these amounts.
    • $5.00 for all generics
    • $15 for preferred brand named drugs
    • $20 for non-preferred brand named drugs
    • $15 fro specialty drugs
    • 25% cost share after $2850 in drug costs(doughnut hole coverage)
  3. The $25 rebate option is eliminated.

The rest of the Illinois Cares Rx remains in place and is expected to continue to pay premiums, deductibles and prescription drugs not covered by Medicare Part D. The Circuit Breaker program, which includes a property tax grant and license plate discount, has not been changed. Members of the Illinois Alliance worked to protect this crucial program by calling State Legislators. Thanks to all of you that took action to prevent this program from being eliminated.

Reprinted with permission from the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans Newsletter.

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