Working Hard to Get Into College?

SEIU Local 1 and SEIU International are committed to helping members fulfill their goals in many ways — including college scholarship opportunities. Several different scholarship programs enable SEIU members and their children to pursue their educational goals at accredited colleges, universities, and technical schools.

For Scholarship Applications:
Call the Member Resource Center at (877) 233-8880.

SEIU Local 1 Scholarship<
SEIU Local 1 offers 22 scholarships each for up to $10,000 for children of Local 1 members. Applicants must be high school seniors. To apply, call the Local 1 Member Resource Center at 312-233-8880. The deadline for the 2010-2011 season has passed. The 2011-2012 season will open in November.

Other Union Scholarships
» William A. Lee Memorial Scholarship
The Chicago Federation of Labor offers 5 academic-based scholarships and 5 random-drawing scholarships for $2,000 to students graduating from a Chicago or suburban high school.

» SEIU Lottery Scholarship Program
The SEIU Scholarship Program offers 48 $1,000 and $1,500 scholarships. All applicants must read the current Annual Report and then correctly answer all the questions on the SEIU Scholarship Program application form in order to qualify for a lottery drawing selection process.
» Download application (pdf) or apply at

» SEIU Moe Foner Scholarship Program For Visual and Performing Arts
SEIU is proud to offer a scholarship that continues the life work of the late Moe Foner, the founder of the SEIU 1199 Bread and Roses Cultural Project. Foner used his energy and imagination to tap into New York’s thriving artistic community and brought new resonance to union concerts, exhibits, and publications. The $5,000 scholarship is awarded annually to SEIU members and their children who are pursuing a degree or full-time training in the visual or performing arts.
» Download application (pdf) or apply at

» SEIU Jesse Jackson Scholarship Program
The $5,000 SEIU Jesse Jackson scholarship is awarded to a student whose work and aspirations for economic and social justice reflect the values and accomplishments of the Rev. Jesse Jackson.
» Download application (pdf) or apply at

» John Geagan Scholarships
The John Geagan scholarship is open to members, their children or local union staff who want to pursue a degree in labor studies. The scholarship is for $5,000.
» Download application (pdf) or apply at

» SEIU Nora Piore Scholarship Program
The Nora Piore Scholarship is offered to those SEIU members and their children who wish to pursue a career in the health care field. It is a $4,000 scholarship renewable for up to two years.

» Download application (pdf) or apply at

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