Be a Member Political Organizer

Members are the driving force in SEIU. Winning requires membership involvement at worksites, in the legislatures and city halls, and in organizing campaigns across North America.

Winning means better wages for workers and health benefits for us and our families. It means laws and policies that respect and reward work, protect seniors, and provide our children wider opportunities. It means overcoming injustices today and having a say in shaping the future.

America’s working families need it. Union members demand it. And SEIU is determined to have it. The best is yet to come.

Sign up to take action for political change with SEIU Local 1.

MPOs are SEIU members willing to volunteer to ensure that workers have a voice on the job and a voice in politics.

“Unions helped build this country and union members had a lot of struggles to win what we have today. I’m out getting people involved and educated on politics because we need people in office who are for the working man and woman. It’s all about the American people– about my grandkids and your grandkids and on down the line. That’s why I’m doing this.”

Phil McClelland
Local 1 Member Political Organizer
St. Louis, MO

MPOs take action at work, in neighborhoods, on phones, and via e-mail to:

  • Educate members and their families
  • Register members to vote
  • Lobby politicians on our issues
  • Raise COPE funds
  • Build community coalitions
  • Recruit volunteers
  • Get out the vote on Election Day

Sign up to take action for political change with SEIU Local 1.

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