What is COPE?

What Does COPE Stand for?
COPE is an acronym for the Committee on Political Education. It is our union’s voluntary bi-partisan Political Action Committee used for political and legislative activities. We hold politicians accountable at every level of government, and help our union build the political power to win strong contracts, better benefits and pass laws to protect our jobs.

Why Is SEIU Involved in Politics?
Collective bargaining rights, job security, working conditions and benefits are decided by elected officials. To do an effective job in collective bargaining, SEIU must be involved in electing candidates to school boards, city councils, county commissions, Governor, State Legislature, President, and Congress, who value, who believe in, and who will stand up for worker issues at the decision making table.

How is the Money Used?
All COPE money goes into SEIU’s Political Account for use in local, state, and federal activities only. It does not become part of the general treasury. A portion goes to the SEIU federal PAC at the International office for use in Congressional or U.S. Senate races. COPE money is used not only for contributions to candidates, but also voter registration efforts, lobbying, and get-out-the-vote efforts. Funds are also used to introduce and pass legislation that protects SEIU members and their families.

Who Does SEIU Support?
SEIU Local 1 supports pro-SEIU, pro-worker candidates in local, state and federal election campaigns. SEIU is bi-partisan and supports both Republicans and Democrats who support our issues.

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