Local 1 Retirees Fight Attacks on the Elderly

Join Local 1 retiree in taking action by contacting your congressional representatives to speak out against the effort to eradicate Medicare and erode away the Social Security Fund we’ve all contributed to.

On May 18 the Local 1 Retiree Chapter participated in a forum discussing attacks on Social Security and Medicare that was sponsored by the Illinois Alliance for Retired Americans.

The forum educated people about proposed legislation that would undermine access to affordable care f or the elderly by eliminating Medicare. Proposals would also further cripple the Social Security fund. Congressman Schakowsky (pictured with the Local 1 retirees) stressed the need to reform our backwards tax structure—which takes money from working people to fund corporate giveaways while cutting critical services to our communities.

The Local 1 Retiree Chapter meets on the second Tuesday of every month. For more information or to join the chapter please contact Joan Baumeister, President at 773-728-6065.

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