Chicagoans are Standing Up to Improve Our Neighborhoods.

Chicago Local 1 members have been getting involved in Stand Up! Chicago, a coalition of community groups and unions who are teaming up to fight for good jobs and improve neighborhoods.

Mae McLeninen is a maintenance worker at Prairie High School and an SEIU Local 1 member who has been recruiting her neighbors on Chicago’s South Side to join Stand Up! Chicago. She describes her experience,

“I’ve been out here for two weeks knocking on doors and talking to people about how to take back our neighborhoods. People are glad to see us. I met a woman today who was in tears because the bank is taking her mother’s house. Her mother is 60 years old and coming down with Alzheimer’s. She can’t work but she’s going to start getting Social Security in September.

When the family went to Chase to ask for an extension, Chase told her they’d give her $10,000 to leave her family home. She’s coming to the next meeting to tell her story, and we’re going to figure out what we can do about it.”

Last Saturday, members of Stand Up! Chicago demonstrated in neighborhoods throughout the city. Little Village residents captured national attention by protesting Bank of America—a ruthless lender that has thrown hundreds of thousands of IL families out of their homes since 2009 and cost IL taxpayers over 7 billion dollars in maintenance, upkeep, and lost tax revenues for those vacant homes. Watch the video here (en espanol).

Are you sick of rising unemployment, banks taking advantage of working families, and politicians who aren’t doing anything about it? Sign up to get involved in Stand Up! Chicago today.

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